Saturday, 18 July 2015

Let's Go Fishing with Sundi Hendricks

Sundi Hendricks was a hoot! With her fishing hat, rod and reel, and spunky attitude, she had all of us hooked!

Sundi defined fishing as making connections, creating friendships, developing relationships, and creating memories. Sometimes our customers become our friends and to my way of thinking, that is definitely a good thing!

She also pointed out that when we go out, we should always have something CTMH with us, whether  it is cards we make, some Base and Bling jewelry, an Idea Book, or just business cards. Anything CTMH that will start a conversation! Talk to people EVERYWHERE! In line at the grocery store? Talk to the person behind or in front of you. Or both! Have an event planned? Tell them about it! Invite them and ask them to invite one or two others! Sometimes you have to invite people over and over before they will commit, and that's okay!

Make sure you have handmade cards handy and hand them out to people who decline an invitation to a party. Make sure to include your business card too. When they say they are not interested, say "That's okay. Please take this card and share it." When you are chatting with someone, keep your eye on the time. Instead of keeping them for a long time, get their email address so you can send them information about Close to my Heart and your team that they can then look at when they get home. Then call them in a few days to ask what they think.

That is it for Sundi's presentation. I loved her analogy of fishing and would enjoy future presentations from her!! Well done, Sundi!!

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