Saturday, 18 July 2015

Crazy for Crops - Julie Berg

I LOVE going to crops!! It is about the only time I get to spend all day doing what I love without worrying about grocery shopping, mowing the lawn or getting laundry done. Julie's presentation explained how to HOLD a crop, which is something I would like to do.

The top four things a crop can do for you are:

  1. expand your customer base
  2. improve your sales
  3. add to your team
  4. strengthen relationships
When you are expanding your customer base, you first need to go find the customers. Once you get your name out, THEY will find YOU! To make that easier, brand your crops. Give them a name that is easy to remember and find: "Scrapping for Soldiers", "Crop for Heart", etc. 

I love Julie's idea of a themed crop, and CTMH has some awesome stamp sets that would be perfect for making the invitations. Have you seen them yet?? Luau, Fiesta and Chocolate are three of my favourites, but if you prefer to have just a general party, there is a set for that too! I want to give you the item numbers for them, but after searching the Close to my Heart website for 30 minutes, I can't find them (and I KNOW I was looking at them yesterday...). Anyway, to continue with the theme idea, create a plan and work with it. Have draws and games, and make sure everything is personalized so your name goes home with the croppers!

Promote your crop EVERYWHERE! (Okay. Everywhere that will allow it. I know some places will only post if you are holding the crop for a charity.) The laundromat, the grocery store, and even the local coffee shop. Create a Facebook group for your crop, not just an event page. Event pages are gone once the crop is finished, but a Facebook group is there until an admin removes it, so people can always go back to see posted artwork and get ideas from other attendees. 

When someone signs up for your crop, ask them to pass the information on to others. Ask them to add a crop poster to their bulletin board at work, or in the common room of their condo or apartment. Also, invite sidelines, upline, downline and friends!

Provide attendees with a treat or goodie bag containing CTMH items (old stamp sets are great for this!), baby wipes (Dollar Store), chapstick, and what ever else you feel like adding. Also add a small project such as a few cards they can make during the crop or later at home. Teach classes that use Close to my Heart product. Take pre-orders for crop projects and collect the money at the time of the order. This not only ensures you are paid, but it also gives people more incentive to attend. Have a make-and-take for all of the attendees to work on and pre-cut everything in advance. This gets people up and doing something different. Make some extras for anyone who would like to buy an extra to take home and make later.

Crops also help you add to your team when you tell attendees how they can get the product at a reduced cost! 

Also, during the crop, make sure to visit!! Go from table to table empathizing, complimenting, and making our attendees feel special! Get to know your croppers. They are customers and potential downline!

Finally, add your crop to your blog! At least weekly, make sure to add to the blog to keep it in front of your audience. I know in Blogger, there are all sorts of gadgets you can add to the side bars. Give it a try! It just might lead to your next customer or downline!

So that is it for Julie's excellent presentation on crops! I hope to hold a crop of my own at some point and will make sure to keep her ideas in mind! Thanks, Julie!!

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