Thursday, 27 June 2013

Ariba from Convention at Walt Disney World, Florida!

One day done and it was everything I expected! The Hearts so Wilde team with our sombreros and ponchos had everyone looking! (Tried uploading a picture to my tablet from the SD card and it wouldn't work. I will post some tomorrow when I am on the BIG laptop!)

General Session started with a welcome song and dance from some of the Disney troupe, including the Three Caballeros - Donald Duck, Jose Carioca, and Panchito Pistoles! Such fun! Of course, Jeanette Lynton's own Three Caballeros - Kristine Widfeldt, Monica Wihongi, and Brian Holman, were also on hand to lead us through two hours of new products and lots of laughs! I can't let the cat out of the bag yet as to the new product, but I will tell you we have a new Cricut cartridge!!! WOOHOO!! 700 more images to play with!! And they are so cool! A tiger, a turkey, and tons of others! So excited! Can hardly wait to get my hands on one!

New mini stamps that are a very affordable $2.95 each! So cute! There is also an assortment of stamps from Jeanette Lynton's vault! These are stamps that have not been available since the rubber stamp days of CTMH, so they are very special and only available in the new Autumn and Winter 2013 Idea Book. I have so many ideas for workshops! I want to tell you everything, but you will have to wait for the new Idea Book to see what is coming up! For all of the consultants who read my blog, you already know what is in store!

This afternoon, we hada creative session where we worked on a gorgeous mini album! All of the pieces for the album were cut with the new Cricut cartridge! I got all but two pages finished but they will be done by the time I get home! I have so much to show everyone when I get home!! Saturday morning we will make some spinner cards and in the afternoon we have two layouts to work on. The paper we will use is so beautiful! I know some of you will love them!

Well. that's it for today. For more information, stay tuned tomorrow when I will have pictures to go with the words! G'night all!

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  1. Next year. come h... or high water I am going to convention. Don't care if I have to leave my daughter to fend for herself during exams....I so wish I could be there with you. Thanks for the updates..