Monday, 9 July 2012

Dallas, Here We Come!

Okay, so we are not leaving today, but we are getting packed and ready today! Dogs go to the pet motel for a week of pampering and being spoiled, clothes get packed, house gets cleaned, and my toes go for an hour of bliss and polish!

Our suitcases have been in the bedroom for the past week, and I started packing last Sunday as laundry was done. I got my supplies needed for the projects all packed in a small plastic tote(14"X9"X5" - and my photos fit too!) and that is now in my suitcase. The problem arose when I realized there was no room for my shoes. So today's packing will entail repacking my clothes and supplies so I will have footwear while in Dallas! Mind you, I could just go on a shopping spree...

The DH is coming with me this year. Not sure how he will handle the heat. He likes cooler temps than what we can expect down there, but I don't really mind the heat as long as I don't have to do much in it! If I can find a shady place to sit with a book and a glass of iced tea, I am happy!

Keeping this one short today. Time to get the day started. Watch for updates from convention!

Bye y'all!

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