Tuesday, 12 June 2012

My Scrap Room - a Voyage of ... Discovery?

My scrap room was, at one time, a great place to work. But then it became a storage space for stuff in the cold room and laundry room while they are being renovated. The laundry room is now done, but the cold room is still a work in progress. I will post pictures here as the reno progresses and hopefully it will all be done sometime this century.

Here is what it looks like right now:

The cupboards are up and my desk is in place. My toolbox is not in its final home yet, and the ceiling still has a hole where the new stove fan was vented. But my magnetic board is up with some of my tins stuck to it, and the cupboards do have a lot of my crafting stuff in them. My Cricut Expression is in the desk somewhere and the little Cricut is on the floor under the desk.

The view of the room over toward the other corner. One of my new base cabinets is sitting on the table waiting to be installed and the other cabinets are to be installed in the soon to be dismantled cold room so I will have even more storage! 

This is the wall (behind the bookcase) that is soon to be removed. It will give me another 5 feet of floor space!! Woot woot! Also, all of the boxes will be stored in cabinets too, so I will get my tables back and can finish organizing it all!

So, the ongoing renovation of my craft room is an adventure in itself. Stay tuned for more pictures so you can follow along!

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