Friday, 30 March 2012

Bookings, bookings, who's got the bookings?

Not me!

When I first joined Close to my Heart, I thought I would have tons of customers, tons of bookings, and tons of downline in no time at all. But here is it a year later and I now have two 1st downline and one 2nd downline, and only a handful of customers. No bookings yet but I am going to start marketing myself big time!

I am starting a card club and a layout club that will each meet once a month to work on the project of the month. The cost will be $20/month for the card club and $25/month for the layout club, both payable in advance. You are not limited to only one club, so if you like making cards as well as layouts, by all means join both clubs! The fist card club will be April 25th from 7 - 9, and the first layout club will be April 26 from 6:30 - 9. Each month, someone else will be the hostess and be able to pick the hostess rewards they would like to receive!

So send me a note or give me a call to book your spot and make your payment. I will need payment by April 11 to hold your spot.


  1. Janet,
    This looks great. I have decided that clubs are the way to go....but you have to have a few customers first. So...I will have to wait awhile as I have none at this point. I have put posters up all over town, and my upline sent a notice to the newspaper for me. I have 2 bookings for April - both of the hostesses are my sisters, but I'm hoping to find a few new customers from them. Good luck and keep on pluggin away :)

  2. I know the feeling all too well, Janet. Don't give up hope - you can do it!! We are in this together. I hope the clubs are going well!