Thursday, 9 September 2010

Holy cow! Where has the time gone??

It is September already and the leaves are turning. The Maple in my backyard is gorgeous in its Autumn Red, and the ferns are turning brown. Time to clean out the dead stuff and get ready for that dreaded "w" word - Winter, and with it the "s" word - snow!! EEWW!! Time to think about putting away the lawn-mower and getting out the snow blower. Now THAT is a depressing thought!

Autumn brings with it - hmmm, what does it bring? I see plants dying, geese heading south, and Christmas decorations in Costco! Christmas!? Already!!?? Three months away and already there is stuff out. WAY too early to be thinking about that. Or is it? If I start now, maybe I will be able to get everything done this year that I had planned on. All the baking, all the gifts I want to make. But then again, I could say to heck and talk the old guy into going away for a week instead. Say, December 23 to 29 or something. I would love to spend Christmas in Disneyland. Spent New Year's there and it was a zoo. But a fantastic zoo!! Or maybe a cruise. Christmas at sea...

Oh well. Keep dreaming. As for now, I am going to keep hoping the snow stays away as long as possible and when it does show up, there is not much of it and it only lasts a few weeks. As I said, keep dreaming...

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