Friday, 25 December 2009

Merry Christmas!

It is 6:48 AM Christmas morning and I am the only one awake yet. The Husband is still sawing logs along with the dogs so I have some quiet time for me.

I think this is the time I like the best - no one else is stirring, all is quiet inside and out, and I can sit here and watch the lights on the tree as they twinkle a good morning. Since we are going elsewhere for supper, my husband is not huffing and puffing over getting a turkey the size of a small child stuffed and into the oven, I am not worrying about getting the trifle done, and there is no need to spend all day cleaning the house and cooking only to be too exhaused to enjoy myself when the kids come to visit. This time, WE are going to THEM!! They have the "fun" of cleaning the house before everyone arrives and again after everyone leaves, of cooking a massive meal that will be scarfed down as though none of us had eaten in a week.

Ah, but this year, they are all doing it pot-luck style. For breakfast at Cheryl and John's house, we are bringing Champagne and orange juice, Cheryl has a Christmas Wife Saver, and Glenda is bringing pancakes and strawberries. For supper at Lisa and Clint's, Jenn is bringing turkey, Lisa has potatoes and veggies, and I am bringing salad and wine. Dessert consists of a frozen cheesecake and cookies. For once, mom gets to sit back and enjoy while we do it all! Easy, peesy. This is something I had tried to talk Dwayne into doing years ago, but he would have none of it! His guests were not going to bring their own food! Unheard of!! Well, as he has gotten older, he has also become a bit wiser and realizes this is the way to go. Pot-lucks are a great way to spread the work around so the hostess is not so pooped she falls asleep in the mashed potatoes half way through dinner!

Well, I hear rumblings from the bedroom, so it looks like someone is at least thinking about getting up. I want to open presents! One of them is an e-Book reader that I can hardly wait to get my hands on! There is time for another cup of coffee before having a shower and getting dressed. So a big Merry Christmas to all, and please Please PLEASE don't drink and drive!!

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