Wednesday, 10 October 2018

A Grateful Heart

It's October already! That means Thanksgiving on October 8. I hope you had plenty of turkey and all the goodies that go with it! This month, we are highlighting two paper packs - Grateful Heart and Hello Pumpkin. I have used the Grateful Heart paper for my project.

If you got here from Terry Ann's blog, you are on the right track, but if you find you get lost along the way, just head back to Michelle in Nova Scotia where you will find the complete list of hoppers. As you make your way through the hop, please let us know what you think, whether it is a comment about the artwork or a request for information about the products or techniques used. Now, on to the hop.

I love the Grateful Heart paper. The golds, oranges, and greens are true Fall colours, and although they are harbingers of the cold and nastiness to come, they are pretty. I made a little mini-album this month. I saw this on Pinterest originally posted by several different people and I thank whoever was the original poster for their instructions.

I made a belly band to keep it closed and I think it looks pretty good. I wanted the front to have some decoration when the belly band was removed so added the leaves. 

Inside are two pockets on the left side where I have added tags made from the PML cards in the paper pack and other patterned paper and coordinating cardstock. 

At the bottom of the waterfall (under the last flap) is another pocket with a tag made from a PML card.

That's it for me this month. As you go through the hop, please leave a comment about our artwork. If you see something you are interested in, please contact your local Close to my Heart consultant for more information.

Please join us next month when the theme will be Christmas and the new Tis the Season paper pack. In the meantime, head over to Kristine's blog for some more great artwork!

Monday, 10 September 2018

Do you like a good Boutique?

I know I do! Welcome to the September Cross Canada Blog Hop where we are highlighting one of our new paper packs - Boutique! So pretty!

If you got here from Brandi's blog, you are in the right place, but if you get lost along the way, just head back to Michelle's blog in Nova Scotia where you will find the complete list of hoppers. As you make your way through our blogs, please let us know what you think, whether it is a comment about the artwork or you want information about a technique you see. Now, on to my project.

I have had this little box from one of our idea books from several years ago in my stash and decided it was time to make use of it. It may end up as an accordian album, but right now I will just keep mementoes from our trip in November in it. I love how our Peacock cardstock works so well with the Boutique B&T papers. The top of the box uses two of the PML cards from the Boutique papers as well as several of the complements. I popped the flowers up with our thin foam dots - single layer on the large flower and then doubled them up for the small flower so it sat a bit higher. I am really happy with how this box turned out.

The strip across the front of the lid flap is one of the sticker stips from the complements sheets. It doesn't reach all the way across so I cut it and stuck it down, then added the flower to cover the gap.

That's it for me this month. Please join us again next month when we will highlight the Grateful Hearts and Hello Pumpkin paper packs. Until then, hop on over to Kristine's blog for some more great artwork!

Monday, 27 August 2018

What is an Inky Pinky Scrapper?

You know how, when you're stamping or ink-distressing your paper you get ink all over your fingers? Well, those are inky pinkies! Because we all end up with inky pinkies when stamping and we all love paper crafting, my team is called the Inky Pinky Scrappers! 

I joined the Close to my Heart family 7 1/2 years ago after I had attended a CTMH home gathering and discovered their clear acrylic stamps! I was hooked!! Then I read about our CEO, Jeanette Lynton, and how she started this company in her kitchen and built it to what it is today. Jeanette is an amazing woman with a heart as big as all outdoors! She is not only focused on her company, but also on everyone involved with it, from her awesome President, Monica Wihongi, right down to each of us, her consultants. I attended my first convention in Disneyland in 2011 and had so much fun, I have only missed one since. I won't be missing any more! The energy, friendship, information sharing, and creativity is way up there with the stars! 

Want to get in on the fun? All you have to do is go to my website and sign up to join my team! As long as you live in Canada (except for Quebec and Nunavut), you can sign up with me. 

You may be asking why. Why should you sign up to be a Close to my Heart consultant? What's in it for you? 

Well, there is the freedom to choose your own hours of work, the friendships you can build as a consultant, and the knowledge you gain as well, not only in paper crafting but also in running your own business. Close to my Heart has dozens of tutorials and podcasts created by other consultants who share their expertise with all of us! 

Then, as I have mentioned, there is Convention! The BIGGEST party of the year! At convention, you learn about all the exciting new products in the next catalogue and even try some of them out at creative sessions. Then you have a chance to purchase all of the new product at a huge discount before the catalogue is live! You learn valuable business tips and tricks at business sessions. You earn awards for sales, including incentive trips to places like Mexico, Thailand, and the Caribbean! 

You will also receive the beautiful and oh so handy New Consultant Kit. This great kit contains everything you need to start your Close to my Heart business. The kit includes:

  • Tombow® Permanent Adhesive (Z3326, qty. 1)
  • 2″ × 2″ My Acrylix® Block (Y1003, qty. 1)
  • Charcoal Exclusive Inks™ Stamp Pad (Z2831, qty. 1)
  • Custom Cardstock Combo Pack (Z9973, qty. 1)
  • Everyday Life™ Album — Black (Z4219, qty. 1)
  • Non-stick Micro-tip Scissors (Z1836, qty. 1)
  • Make It from Your Heart™ Volume 4 (9044, qty. 1)
  • Customer Order Forms (W101C, qty. 1 pack of 25)
  • Holiday Expressions Idea Book (WCS1191C, qty. 5)
  • Cardstock Sampler (W1197, qty.1)
  • Holiday Expressions Paper Packets Sampler (W1196, qty. 1)
  • Petite Perks™ Your Kind Heart Stamp Set (W2041, qty. 3)
  • Desk Pad (W1140, qty. 1 pack of 50)
  • Let Me Show You How Stamp Set (D1785, qty. 1)
PLUS you will receive $60 in CTMH Cash right away! That is over $240 in product PLUS $60 CTMH Cash for only $95 CAD plus shipping and tax.

Have I piqued your interest? Then head on over to my website and click What We Do, then click Be A Consultant. There you will find more information as well as the Let's Get Started link so you can start your own business today! 

You are welcome here!

Friday, 10 August 2018

It's all Documented!

Welcome to the August Cross Canada Blog Hop where we are highlighting the Documented paper pack. 

If you got here from Terri's blog, you are in the right place, but if you find yourself lost at any time, just head back to Michelle's blog where you will find the complete list of hoppers. We welcome your comments on our blogs so as you hop through, please tell us what you think.

I really like the Documented papers and decided to make the three layouts in the Workshop Your Way. They are so darned awesome and, although they don't have photos yet, I know I will be able to add photos to them later! 

The Documented Workshop Your Way (G1154 - $38.25 CDN) is available to order until August 31! I added some of my own touch to these by changing out the embellishments to make them work with the upcoming photos from our trip to gorgeous Australia and New Zealand in November!

That's it for me this month and since I am the end of the line, head back to Michelle's blog to run through again or to see the list of hoppers. Join us next month when we will be highlighting the Boutique papers from the new 2018 Holiday Expressions catalogue.

Sunday, 15 July 2018

Who Wants to Visit Central Park?

Welcome to the July Cross Canada Blog Hop where we are highlighting the Central Park paper from the 2017/2018 Idea Book. If you got here from Terry's blog, then you are in the right place, but if you get lost along the way, just head back to Michelle's blog where you will find the complete list of hoppers. 

This month, I started a monthly club at work and decided to start the club with a One Sheet Wonder card class using - what else? - Central Park! This One Sheet Wonder makes 11 cards from one sheet of Central Park and three pieces of cardstock - one White Daisy, one Lemon and one Willow. I used our Nutmeg ink (LOVE that colour!) and went through my stash of stamps to find a few I liked. So here are the cards my club ladies are working on this month. 

Notice the Lemon cardstock. You will see that on some cards it is lighter than others. That is because all of our cardstock is double sided, with one side nice and bright and the other somewhat muted. Same colour, just not as vibrant.

I had a piece of B&T left over when I had finished cutting out the paper so decided to make it into a banner. I also flipped the B&T over for that card, then cut two more banners from the Willow and Lemon cardstock. I think they add a nice little pop to the card since the pink is rather pale. 

If anyone would like the cutting diagram, I will send it to you. I tried to upload it but it wouldn't work...

The exclamation mark on the You're Amazing card was drawn by hand. I wanted one that fit on the White Daisy but all that I have are either too small or way too big. 

The papers for these cards could all be distressed as well, but since this is a lunch time class I wanted them to be as simple as possible. It still ended up taking two lunch times...

That's it for me this month. Continue your journey across Canada with Kristine's blog. Remember, if you find a kink in the road, just head back to Michelle's blog for the full list of hoppers. As you hop through, please let us know what you think of our projects. We always love to read your comments! If you see something you really like, contact your local Close to my Heart consultant for more information.

Join us next month when we will highlight more beautiful Close to my Heart paper and cardstock.

Friday, 15 June 2018

Rainbows Everywhere

Welcome to the June Cross Canada Blog Hop and our theme or Rainbows! We hope you enjoy what we have created and if there is anything you would like to know more about, whether it is the materials used or a technique you would like to try, please leave a comment. We love to hear your thoughts on our artwork.

If you got here from Brandi's blog, you are on the right track, but if you get lost along the way, just head back to Michelle's blog where you will find the complete list of bloggers. 

I have always been fascinated by rainbows. When I was a child, I asked mom one day where rainbows came from and she said they were God's way of letting us know that we didn't need to be afraid of the storm that just blew through. And then one day a science teacher dispelled this thought with prisms and a flashlight. <Sigh> 

My project this month is a layout I have made for our up-coming trip to Australia. No pictures yet as this one will be for photos of us at the airports. Yes, airports with an "s". We fly from Edmonton to Vancouver to Melbourne to Sydney, so there will be several airport photos.
I used the Clear Shimmer Brush to add a little shine to the suitcases as ours are really shiny. And I used a Flip-Flap so I could add our packing list, which keeps getting longer and longer! We are packing for 8 weeks, after all...

Materials used:
- Enchantment Fundamentals paper
- 3" X 4" Flip-Flaps (I LOVE these things!!)
- You are Here close to my Heart Cricut cartridge
- Clear Shimmer Pen

So that is it for this month. I hope you liked what I created and if there is something you would like to know more about, please leave a comment. Now head over to Kristine's blog for more beautiful rainbow artwork.

Sunday, 15 April 2018

How do you celebrate your relationships?

Welcome to the April Cross Canada Hop where we are celebrating! What are we celebrating? Life! Love! Friendship! Whatever you want. 

As you go through our hop this month, take a moment to think about everything in your life and how you would celebrate it all. Please leave comments for us as you go, whether it is a comment about our artwork or about your own celebrations, we would love to hear it. 

If you got here from Brae's blog, you are on the right track, but if you get lost along the way, just go back to Michelle in Nova Scotia where you will find the complete list of hoppers.

When I started thinking about everything in my life, I had no problem figuring out what I want to celebrate. My hubby and I have been together for 29 years, not all of them great. We have had our share of not so loving times, but we worked around them and got through it all. There was a time when I would gladly have packed everything I own and moved out, never to go back. But as they say, marriage is tough. You don't throw something out if is broken but can be fixed. So we worked on fixing our relationship and today, we have a better marriage than ever. We still have our moments but all-in-all, it is good. 

I made a layout centered on my hubby and me. No other family in this one. This is a celebration of who we are and what we have become. The layout is my version of the one shown on page 36 of the 2017/2018 Idea Book.

The two B&W photos are my hubby, Dwayne, and myself at 4 years old, and then here we are at Disney World for the CTMH Convention in 2013. That was a blast! I still need to add my journalling in that space on the right but my pen has run dry so until I get a new one, that will need to wait. 

Supplies used:
Adventure Paper Pack - Z3351
Happy Moments Complements - Z3355
CTMH Cricut Flower Market cartridge
Whisper cardstock (retired)

Thanks for hopping along with us! Since I am the end of the line, you can go back to Michelle's blog and hop through again if you like. Please join us next month when our theme will be 

Sunday, 25 March 2018

Creativity and Time - The Supposed Scrapbook Killers

I am a paper crafter and I love to share my passion with others. I find when I am feeling stressed, I head to my craft room and start creating. POOF! The stress may not be gone, but whatever was causing it doesn't seem quite so bad.

Paper crafting is also my relaxation. It is my outlet. I create scrapbooks that tell my family who I am, who they are, and who their ancestors were. Scrapbooks tell the stories of our lives so that those who come after us will know where THEY came from.

When I try to get others interested in scrapbooking, there are usually two main excuses why they don't want to do it.

1 - I am not creative
2 - I don't have time

So, let's look at these.

1 - "I am not creative". Really? When people tell me they are not creative, I want to scream! If you can take clothes out of your closet and put together an outfit that doesn't look like it fell off the back of a truck, you are creative! If you can prepare a wonderful meal for your family, you are creative!

You don't have to be able to create those awesome layouts you see in magazines. As long as you can put your photographs in a photo safe album with a few embellishments and some journalling to tell what is going on in the photos, that is all you need! Sure, you can go all out and spend a couple of hours on one page, but you don't have to!

2 - "I don't have time". Really? This is another one that raises my hackles. If you take kids to swimming lessons/dance lessons/gymnastics/whatever and spend an hour waiting for them, bored out of your gourd, you have time to work on a layout. I'm not saying take a ton of stuff with you. Try a Cut Above kit from Close to my Heart. Everything is all ready for you to put together. All you need is adhesive, a ruler, and a pair of craft scissors. Voila!

So now I have shown you that you do have time and creativity, are you ready to give paper crafting a try? Get those photos off you phone or camera and get them printed! Contact your local Close to my Heart consultant for more information, or if you are in Canada, contact me!

Would you like more information about Close to my Heart? Then leave a comment and I will get back to you.

Would you like to see what Close to my Heart has to offer? Then head to my website and have a look around.