Thursday, 31 August 2017

How to Use Evernote to Organize Your Stamps


When I first started using Evernote, I was totally intimidated! I had tried using MS One Note and had a horrible time with it! But Evernote is so simple and I am going to try to explain it to you here.

First, set up an account at, then download and install the FREE version of Evernote. Once you have it, you can access it from anywhere simply by going to and logging in to your account.

Installed Version: When you have it downloaded, click File and then select New Notebook from the menu.

Give your notebook a name. I called mine Stamp Set Inventory. When you have that done, click New Note.

Now give the note a title. I give mine the stamp set number and name.

Next, add some tags. Tags are awesome when you want to find a particular stamp set later because it allows you to search using words instead of scrolling through all of your stamps you have entered. I have 426 stamp sets currently (and I think I have a few that have not been entered yet) so you can image the pain that would be! Click Add Tag... to enter those tags.

I simply used various items that are on this stamp set as the tags, such as candles, party hat, cake and birthday. 

Next, open a Google browser (or Internet Explorer or Firefox, whichever you prefer - I am a Windows gal; sorry Mac users...) and search for the stamp set you want an image of. I enter CTMH followed by the stamp number, for example CTMH C1662.

Voila! Now click the right mouse button and select Copy Image then go back to your note and click the right mouse button again then click Paste to put it into your note. Then just close the note by clicking the X in the top right corner and you are done! 

Online Version: When you access Evernote remotely (online via, it will look different than the one downloaded and installed on your computer. You add notes via the menu on the sidebar:

Select the Notebook you want to work with, or click Notebooks to start a new one. Click New Note (+ sign) to start a new note.

The new note will look quite a bit different to the installed version, but it works basically the same way. Enter the title of your stamp set as before, the click New Tag to add tags.

Start typing tags and hit Enter between each. This will start a new tag. Keep entering tags until you feel there are enough (don't go overboard!) then click in the main body of the note. For the Wise Guy Birthday stamp set, I entered words from the stamp set (Happy Birthday) as well as words evoked by the set (fun, happy, celebrate), and words to express the images as well (cake, party hat, candles...). By doing this, I have made it easier to find a stamp set that expresses the feeling I want. 

Add an image of the stamp using the same method as above. When you are finished, click Done in the top right corner and your note will be saved to your Notebook! 

Now, when I want a particular stamp set, I click Search and type in what I am looking for. 

Evernote will list all of the stamp sets with the tag Birthday.  At the top of the list, it shows it found 40 stamp sets with the tag Birthday. Now I can scroll through 40 a lot faster than 427 to find the one I want. 

So that is all there is to it. If you have any questions, I will gladly help you out! 

Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Come and see what's new!

My Favourite New Product

The new 2017/2018 Annual Inspirations Idea Book is now live so everyone can enjoy the beautiful papers, stamps and embellishments! So much to see and play with!

If you got to my blog from Alyson's blog, you are on the right track, but if you get lost along the way, just head back to Michelle in Nova Scotia where you will find the complete list of bloggers.

There is so much in the new Idea Book that I love, that I had a really difficult time deciding what I wanted to make. It started as a layout then became a set of cards. Next I wanted to do a mini-album but couldn't decide which paper to use for it! UGH! In the end, I decided to highlight our AWESOME new cardstock which is now double sided! It is the same colour on both sides, but one side is a tone lighter, so now you have twice as many options when adding cardstock to your paper crafts!

So, I made three mini albums - one for each of our Adventure, Enchantment and Whimsy cardstock groups (Basics is on the way but I ran out of Flip-Flaps)! Each album uses three 3"X4" Flip Flaps, two 3"X4" pieces of cardstock for the front and back covers (I used our colour of the year - Bashful - but you could use whatever colour you like; also, I trimmed it down a wee bit so it fit easily into the flip-flap), a strip of cardstock 3/4"X6.5" to cover the spine, and the colour swatches for the new cardstock.

I used the sticky strip on each flip-flap to stick the pages all together, added a cover for each group (recognize the stamp set, all you CTMH ladies out there? It is the Convention 2016 set! Love it!), and then used all of the ribbons for each group to decorate the album!

I cut 1/2" from the bottom of each colour swatch (the end with the name) and glued it to the opposite side so it is easier to see the difference. Then I used the Idea Book paper list as a guide to put my swatches together. I left 3/4" between each darker piece and glued them all together, then cut the large swatch to 4" long and trimmed a sliver off each side to make them fit the flip-flaps better and even the sides up.

Since we have 10 of each colour group and I had three on a page, it left one colour in each group all by itself. But that was okay because I added my contact information below it on the last page!

I hope you like my little albums. I plan on keeping them in my purse to pull out anytime I hear someone talking about how to use colours in scrapbooking, the home, or where ever! I will be making one or two more to highlight the Adventure, Enchantment, Whimsy and Basic Fundamentals as well but just have to wait for my Flip-Flaps to arrive! I figured this is an easy way for my customers to see how different cardstock looks with different Fundamentals papers without having to carry around full sheets! 

Next stop on your journey across Canada is Corinna with some more great artwork! 

Come back next month when we will highlight the Close to my Heart Bracket Frame. I am looking forward to seeing what everyone does with this!