Saturday, 21 February 2015

My Love Affair with Paper

Welcome to the Use Your Stash blog hop for February! This is a great hop as it forces us to use up what we have stashed away - paper, ribbon, buttons, you name it! It also gets the creative juices flowing!

If you got here from Wendy Kessler's blog, you are on the right track! But since this is a circular hop, it really doesn't matter where you start. If you get lost along the way, head on back to Shirley's blog where you will find the entire list of bloggers.

I really do love paper! I never seem to have enough of it and I have some stashed away that is just too darned pretty to use up! Yes, I know. USE IT UP!! Then I can buy more! :-) This month turned out to be a challenge. I have made cards, layouts, decor items and more for the blog hops I take part in, but I wanted to make something different this time around. I went looking at my paper for some inspiration and had one of those Ah ha! moments. Nothing!! Then tonight when I got home from work, I was washing my travel mug and finally - AH HA!

My travel mug is one of the kind where you can change the look of it by unscrewing the bottom and adding photos, paper, or whatever else you have that is thin enough to fit in between the walls. I love to change the look of mine regularly, partly to highlight our gorgeous papers, but also to keep my barista at Starbucks confused! My project is very simple, but by changing the paper each week, it really shows my love of paper of all types! I can add thin embellishments, such as our Complements stickers, and it changes the look once again!

Last week I had some Jubilee paper but decided to use one of our current papers this week. I love the Seaside bulk paper and because our paper has pattern on both sides, next week I will just turn it to the polka dot side! Double duty! And here it is all finished with the Seashore Complements!

Doesn't it look great? Now I can hardly wait to get to my favourite coffee joint tomorrow to show it off!

Well, that is it for me this month. From here, head on over to Cassandra's blog for some more great artwork! 


  1. Love this. What a fun cup. I just ordered a pack of Seaside yesterday. I've been putting it off for too long.

  2. Yes, it does look great! Love how you can keep changing the mug insert.
    :) Marie