Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Double Pocket Cards - One of my Faves!

I have had a few requests for instructions to make the double-pocket cards that I have posted a few of here and taught in my monthly card class here at work. So here you go:

Double pocket cards looks quite complex, but they are really easy to make.
Paper or light cardstock – 8.5” X 11”
Paper trimmer or scissors
Bone folder
Inks and embellishments of your choice

1.      Fold the paper in half lengthwise, open it up and fold it widthwise.
2.      Place the paper in front of you with the widthwise fold going across the table (parallel to you). Whichever side is facing up will be inside the card. If you want the side you are looking at to be the outside, flip it over. The folds can be refolded. Cut on the widthwise fold from the left side to the center.
3.      With the paper on the table in from of you with the widthwise fold parallel to you again, fold the bottom right corner of the paper toward the center, lining the edge with the center fold.
4.      Turn the paper around and repeat the fold from step 3, but only going half way between the edge and the fold.
5.      This is what the paper will look like:
6.      Now fold the section with the smaller fold over to the section above the big fold.
7.      Now fold the section with the big fold up so it is over the part just made in step 6.
Almost there
8.      Place adhesive on the open side edges. The diagonal edges are your pockets! I tried to take a picture of me doing this but I needed two more hands and just couldn't grow them. Sorry...
9.      There is one flap left over. There are two things you can do with it:
a.      Fold it around the back so the card opens.
b.      Fold it over the bottom pocket so the bottom pocket is the same as the inside of the card (sorry, no picture)
10.   Embellish as desired!

Hope this helps!

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