Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Add a Hyperlink to Your Post

Hi everyone. Wow! Two posts in one day! Someone was asking how add a hyperlink in their blog posts and when I asked around to others, their were several who would like the information so here is it.

Hyperlinks are a great way to link your blog to other pages of information. By clicking a link in your blog, your readers are able to navigate to other blogs, websites, etc.

The first step is to type your blog as you want it to appear, then decide what you want linked to other sites. For example, I want people to be able to go to my Close to my Heart website to order product or the contact me about gatherings, so I will highlight the Close to my Heart above.

Next, click the Link button in the toolbar at the top of the screen.

The Edit Link window will be displayed. The text you highlighted will be shown in the Text to Display box. Type the address of the website to go to in the Web Address box, or on a separate tab, go to the website to link to and copy the address (highlight, click the right mouse button and select Copy), then paste it in the Web Address box. Click the check box beside "Open this link in a  new window" if you want the website to open in its own window. Then click OK.
The link will now be blue and underlined in your blog. Anyone who comes to your blog can now click the link and be taken to the site you specified.

Any questions? Please leave a comment or click the link and send me an email! Thanks!

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