Monday, 3 December 2012

Christmas Cards and More!

When I saw the Pear & Partridge Card workshop, I HAD to have it! The cards looked gorgeous! Saturday seemed like a great day to start making them while I had a table at a local vendor fair.

It took a while to get the paper all cut out, between answering questions and helping the curious and crafty with make and takes. Once it was cut and numbered (and yes, I did number one set on the wrong side. <sigh> Thank heaven for erasers!), and I was home where there were no disturbances, I was finally able to start putting it all together.

I am not one to follow directions as many of my family and friends know from experience, so I changed the card layouts to suit ME! Okay. I did follow the instructions in the Workshop on the Go for SOME of the cards. Here are my take on the Pear and Partridge Card Workshop on the Go kit:

Card #2

I love how these turned out! Now I wish I had a second workshop kit so I could make some more! Oh well. I have TONS of paper so I can still make a pile of my own design for my buds at work!

Time to start thinking of out Cubicle Decorating Contest here at work. Hmmm... What to do this year...


  1. Hi Janet~
    What a treat!!!! TY for snooping around my blog:):):) Love snoopers. Girl your cards are gorgeous!!!! Awesome blog you have here!!!

    1. Thanks Connie! I love making cards but find that since I discovered cards, I rarely do any scrapbooking! LOL! I will have to get back into it in the New Year!