Sunday, 25 November 2012

Advent Calendars by the Bushel!

What a great time we had yesterday making Advent Calendars! Morgan, Shannon, Kayka, Correna-Lyn and I had a lot of fun and even managed to recruit my husband, Dwayne, to cut boxes for us on my Cricut so we could all work. I had them set up in the Cricut Craft Room so that I could get two boxes and one greeting card from each sheet of cardstock. He also cut out snowflakes for us! Have I created another crafter?? I doubt it, but it was great to have his help!

These girls sure can make a mess! (Me included!)

There was paper all over the table and the floor, but no one ever said creativity was  neat and tidy!! As you can see, we were using my dining room since my craftroom is not quite complete yet. Hopefully it will be ready for my next workshop in two weeks! We will be making Christmas cards and that can be even messier!

Once the dust settled, we ended up with five beautiful calendars!

Morgan got to day 15 and had to leave. But her calendar is looking fantastic! She stamped everything she needs and took it home to finish building.
Shannon and Kayla both got theirs finished!! Way to go ladies!! These are truly beautiful!
Correna-Lyn got to December 23 and had to leave. She stamped what she needed to finish this at home. Great job, Correna-Lyn! Mine is on hold at day 16. I started making the calendar according to the Workshop on the Go kit but decided I just didn't like it, so I am taking the boxes from the top row and moving them around. Day 4 became Day 24, and I will mix up the others too. And I prefer the smaller numbers (from the Trinity Alphabet set) so will be changing the larger numbers for these. All in all, I am really happy with what I have so far! What do you think?
 And by the way, it is only 1 month til Christmas!! (Yep, you really needed to know that!)


  1. Great looking projects! Is Projects on the Go the name of the company that makes the boxex?

    1. Hi Marcia. Thanks for your great comment! I love our kits and have completed several over the time I have been a consultant.

      The company is Close to my Heart and the project is from one of our Workshops on the Go. If you check out my website at, and under Shop in the menu bar, click Workshops on the Go Kits in the side menu that is displayed. You will see all of the current Workshops that are available to purchase. If you have any other questions, you can send me an email and I will help you out. Thanks for your interest!