Thursday, 13 September 2012

Fun with Stamping!

Oh, I do love stamping! I want all of them! And every colour of ink too! There is so much that can be done with our stamps and it seems every time I log in to Facebook, someone has raised the bar a little higher. Nicole Robinson turned the family tree stamp upside down and it is now a pumpkin!! Ingenious!! I would NEVER have thought of that!!

So, on to the techniques we learned about at regionals. So simple and so pretty!

Base and Shade Stamping: Who has stamped with the Love Blooms set? Then you have done base and shade stamping! Easy peasy! This set comes with a base - the outline - and a shade - the fill - so you can create some gorgeous images. Here, I used Ruby for the base and Smoothie for the shade. Love it!

Here is the base stamped in Ruby
And here is the shade stamped in Smoothie
Stamp Kissing: I have never had luck with this technique. I tried it with a couple of different stamps and this is the best I could come up with. 


See what I mean? I was trying to find a  stamp that was relatively flat and this was the only one I could find. It is from the October Stamp of the Month, and the stamp I "kissed" it with is from the Buttons, Bits, and Bobs set. In Stamp Kissing, you ink up your main stamp and then "kiss" it with a dry stamp to remove some of the ink. I'll keep practicing, I think...
Selective Inking: Sort of like selective hearing but better! You will need a few daubers or small pieces of sponge for this one. Decide the colors you want but not too many or the image will just look muddy. On my image from the Friendship Bouquet, I used Saddle, Autumn Terracotta and Olive.
I dabbed the center with the Saddle ink first and then the petals with Autumn Terracotta and the stem with Olive. I love how it turned out! And don't forget - if the ink seems a bit dry by the time you have finished inking up the stamp, just huff on it to revive the ink!
Rock and Roll Stamping: I love Rock and Roll music and I love this technique too! With this one, ink up your stamp in one color (I used Saddle again) and then roll only the edges of the image in another color (here I used Autumn Terracotta again). So pretty!! And I LOVE this stamp set!!

Rainbow Inking: Remember back in elementary school when we had a set of 8 crayons to colour with, and if we wanted a colour not in our set, we had to mix them to make more? Red and blue = purple; yellow and red = orange; yellow and blue = green? Well, that is what Rainbow Stamping is all about. Here, you stamp half of the stamp in one colour (I used Sunny Yellow) and the bottom half in another colour (I used Smoothie). The center of the image will be a combination of the two, or in this case, orange! Love it!! Now I have a whole new world of stamping opened up to me! 
Those are the techniques we were shown, and I hope they will become some of your new favourites. Next week, I will show the little mini-album I made for my lunchtime paper crafting club at work. In the meantime, have a great weekend and
Happy Stamping!


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