Thursday, 12 July 2012

Day 1 - New Product, New Paper, New Colors

What a day! General pandemonium followed by General Session (just another form of general pandemonium)!
Waiting to enter the Chantilly Ballroom for General Session.

Waiting for General Session to start

Waiting some more

Jeanette Lynton said a few words and put everyone's fears for her health at ease with news that she is overcoming the anxiety attacks she has suffered the past few years. So good to hear! 

Jeanette Lynton. I was too far away to get a good picture of her on stage so this is the big screen on the wall.

Here we are! One missing - Kelly - because she took the picture. From the left are Angelique and Stitch, Sue, Peggy and yours truly, all wearing our shirts Angelique made for us and our pink cowboy hats!
 Then Monica, Kristine and Brian took to the stage to pass on the information that those of us who had attended Leadership Day received yesterday.
Brian, Monica and Kristine imparting their wisdom to all of us.

Finally, the fun REALLY started!


Suddenly a noise is heard and a CTMH staffer runs on stage to say that J.R. Lynton has been shot! Oh no! Enter Sheriff Brian, who must interview all the possible suspects to find out who shot J.R.!

The first suspects he interviews are


The only thing they are guilty off is crafting will all sorts of new CTMH product, including the My Creation Bracket Frame and the My Creations Star. 

Sheriff Brian then made his way to the


All these four have done is bicker and keep their crafting secrets from each other. They also introduced the WOTG Scroll Album Kit - SOOOO cute!!!

In the SHOOTOUT AT THE CTMH CORRAL, we were introduced to our new ALCOHOL markers and pigment ink pads!!! And a big announcement that we have all wanted - bulk paper is now available in ALL colours!!

Next on the interview list are Bonnie and Lulu,


who told us about some more new products! (Can you tell I didn't write this bit down?)

We were then entertained by the DALLAS CTMH CHEERLEADERS who performed with their new Organizers pompoms!! These are going to be in my craft room before too long!

THE GAMBLER introduced us to the biggest and best news yet! We have another Cricut cartridge!!!!! It is called Artiste and again has 700 images! WOOHOO!! And guess who won the new set?! ME!!!!!! I couldn't believe it!

By now, Sheriff Brian still had no suspects and decided to get everyone together and grill them. Just then the CTMH photographer came out and explained that J.R. Lynton hadn't been shot shot. She had been at a photo shoot and had been shot with a camera!!

Our convention bag with the new Idea Book was handed out as we left General Session, and it was packed with all sorts of new product we would need for the Create and Take sessions! 7 new stamp sets, a new ink pad in Slate, paper, ribbon, and embellishments galore!!

The Create and Takes were so much fun, but by 4:30 I was so cold I could hardly move so I packed up and came back to my room. Tonight is the Mix and Mingle, and I will be heading down there shortly.

Tomorrow, I MUST take more pictures!!!


  1. Yes, please take and post more photos! How about a pic of the convention bag that all your goodies came in? I haven't seen anyone post one of those yet. Would love to see it! Continue having fun and post as much as possible! Thanks!

  2. Thanks so much for the great wrap-up, Janet! Congrats on your new Cricut Cartridge collection!!! WOW!!! Soooooo excited to order one....wahooooo!

  3. CONGRATS on your fab win!!!!!!!!!!