Saturday, 30 June 2012

11 Days and Counting!!

Only 11 more days until convention! Holy Hannah! It seems not that long ago I was moaning because it was SOOO far in the distance!! Now it is here! I still have a ton of stuff to do to get ready. I tried n all of last years capris and shorts and found that most fit but some were too big (woohoo!!!!!). The ones that fit are in the wash so I can have them all nice and fresh for when I am packing, and the too-big ones are going to Goodwill! Isn't it great to try on clothes after a year and find they actually got biger in the closet over winter instead of shrinking?? Love it!

I decided to try uploading photos from my new camera onto my Dell  Duo notebook which I will be bringing with me to convention (a ton lighter than my other laptop) and discovered it doesn't have a card slot. Rats! BUT - the camera has an AV Out port so I found a cable that fits and it works! Now I am all ready to blog during convention and let everyone know what is going on - from my perspective! I know there will be several of us so all of convention shoud be covered. If one person misses something, someone else will surely get it!

So for now, adios! Or whatever they say in Texas...

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