Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Time to Get Back on the Ball

Just a short post today. It has been a very trying time for the past two months but now things are evening out and it is time to get back into the thick of things. My DH underwent heart transplant surgery on September 19 and is well on the way to great health. This is his second transplant as he started rejecting the first heart after 10 years and it came as a surprise. We honestly did not think he would get a second transplant so when we got the call, we were shocked. This is a great blessing and we can't say enough thanks to the family who lost a loved one but even in their grief made life possible for several others who would not have survived without transplants. Life is the greatest gift they could have given. Now my husband will be able to see his grandchildren grow up and will possibly even have the chance to see his great-grandchildren.

I will be getting back into my scrapbooking as soon as possible and will be starting a few clubs. I am just putting the finishing touches on the details and will posting when finished. So please stay tuned!