Thursday, 22 September 2011

Oh my, so much going on...

I had planned on working on this blog in earnest from now on, making at least one entry a week with some artwork or a technique. Since my husband ended up in hospital on Sunday for a long awaited heart transplant, I have not done a thing. Well, I did make one card last night but I don't a picture of it yet.

This weekend, I plan on spending time on this and get it all up to date. I have so many things planned - start a card club and a layout club, have a Croptoberfest Event are a few - and now I am rethinking my plans. Dwayne will be in the hospital until about the end of October, but once he is home, I will not be able to have any gatherings or workshops for a while.

On the Dwayne front, he is doing really well. This is day four post-transplant. Yesterday, they had him sitting on the side of the bed, then walking a bit and sitting in a chair. So glad to see he is doing so well. I will have more updates this weekend...

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