Sunday, 2 January 2011

A Voice From the Past

The phone call came at 3:30 this afternoon and went something like this:

Me: Hello?
Caller: Sorry to bother you, but I am looking for Jan Gray.
Me: Well, I USED to be Jan Gray, but am now McCormick.
Caller: This is David Brown.
Me: Oh my God. You mean New Zealand David Brown??
Caller: The very same.

This is when the grin on my face got huge and I nearly fell off my chair. David and his wife Nina, and I had lost touch about 19 years ago as our paths went in different directions. I have often thought of them and wondered what they were up to. I searched Facebook, hoping one or both of them would be on this vast social network, but to no avail. And here I get a call out of the blue!

I met David so many years ago when he was an instructor at the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology and my then husband was one of his students. Nina was also a student and once she graduated, they started dating and the rest is history. David was the best man at my ex's and my wedding, and we were friends for some time. The my ex and I moved to Vancouver and then to Halifax and we all lost touch. When I returned to Edmonton in 1987, I met up with David again and we met a few times for coffee. Then we lost touch again for 19 years.

David and Nina now live in Victoria, B. C. and I so want to see them again. It has been far too long and there is so much catching up to do...