Thursday, 26 August 2010

Muscles? Is that what they are? They hurt!!

Okay. Been working out at the YMCA for a few months now and have been gaining muscle and losing fat. Note I say losing fat, not losing weight. It turns out fat weighs less than muscle, so the muscle I have gained is keeping my weight up there where I don't want it. Good - my clothes are somewhat looser. Bad - there is still too much fat hanging around.

So I spoke with my trainer and man, did he change up my routine! Monday, Wednesday and Friday now has 20 - 30 minutes of cardio and then weights for a half hour. Upper body Monday and Friday, legs on Wednesday. Tuesday and Thursday are what I now refer to as Torture Days: 45 - 60 mins of cardio and then 10 - 15 mins of abs (side and front planks, pendulum leg lifts and sit ups on a balance board). Anyone who has done planks knows these little beauties are real killers! But I will have Abs of Steel in no time! I hope...

Now I am so tired I can hardly move. I think when I get home tonight, I will have supper and go to bed, and supper is completely optional.