Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Weather, garage sales, and other stuff

So, could someone please tell me why I continue to live in Alberta? It is May 4th and we have the blizzard of the century going on outside the windows. Y-U-C-K!!!!!! Just yesterday, I saw flower buds on my lilac bushes, and on the weekend people were buying up bedding plants for their gardens. And now this!!??

One of my bus buddies was in Cuba the week before last - when we had the great weather - and ever since he returned, our weather has been awful! Hmmm...Wonder if he will go back there and stay for a month or two...

Going to my sister's after work tomorrow to help her get ready for a major pre-move purge this weekend. It is amazing how much 'stuff' a person accumulates over the course of several years. And why move it when you can sell it and make money to PAY for the move? Sounds logical to me...

Amanda called this morning to say her car - aka my Echo - wouldn't start. Her friend had left the interior light on and the battery ran down. I told her to call Toyota Roadside Service since I paid for the service but have never used it. Her response -"That's okay. I plugged the car in." Oh dear. At least the engine will be warm...

So much for my ramblings today. Stay indoors, and if that is not possible, stay warm!

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