Thursday, 1 April 2010

Health Food, or Healthy Food?

I decided a few days ago, that I would like a smoothie. The guy asked if wanted wheat grass in it. Wheat grass? Do I really look like a cow??!! Okay. Don't answer that. If I wanted to ingest wheat or any other type of grass I would be out in the pasture with Bossie and her bevy of bovine beauties.

Yeah, yeah. It is supposed to be healthy, but there is a limit. So this begs the question, why does healthy food have the consistency and taste of a hunk of cardboard? "Healthy" seems to be low/no fat, low/no salt, low/no sugar, so where is the taste?? Oh sure. All those fancy cookbooks say to use other spices for flavouring, but ya' know? I really found all I tasted was the spice and not the actual food. So far, the only book I have found with good tasting recipes is the Looney Spoons. The South Beach Diet is a close second. But if I ate all the fruit and veggies they say, my poor innards wouldn't know what to do! I'd be on the pot for hours at a time! (Yeah, okay. Eeeewwww!!)

I have been told the trick is to GRADUALLY get into it. Add more each day until you are up to the recommended limit. So that's the plan. Today I have a banana, an apple and an orange. Not sure if they will all be eaten, since this cherry danish sitting on my desk looks mighty tempting. Hey! It has cherries in it! They are high in vitamin C so I don't feel TOTALLY guilty...