Thursday, 14 January 2010

Our Hearts go out to Haiti

I was sitting in the dentist's chair yesterday morning with the hygenist cleaning my teeth when I heard the news anchor on the tv say something about a devastating earthquake. (Yes, my dentist has TVs in the rooms so the patients can watch while getting work done.) It was when I got to work and went to CTV's website that I saw the destruction in Haiti and read that there are fears the death toll could go over 100,000. That is just inconceivable! That is about a third of the entire island population!

The pictures that have come out of Haiti are absolutely heart-wrenching. Children who have lost parents, parents who have lost children. Entire families gone. I can't imagine the terror and feelings of hopelessness these poor people are going through.

I have experienced four earthquakes in my life - one in Vancouver when Mt. St. Helens blew its top, and three in Anaheim last April. All of them caused shaking, but nothing major. The windows rattled, the furniture shook, but that was about it. But to actually have a building come down around you, or worse, on top of you?

This makes me even more thankful for my family and friends. Some of them make me want to smack them upside the head, but what would I do if they were taken from me? How would I feel knowing I would never see their smile, hear their voice, or laugh with them again? Maybe some of them do make my blood boil, but can't I put aside the annoyances and enjoy the person underneath? I can sure try.

So think about your families and friends, and tell them you love them and you are glad they are who they are, quirks, foibles, and all. Make amends with those who have upset you in the past and instead, think of the things they do or have done to help you, no matter how small. Give them a big hug and tell them they are valued.

I love and value all my family and my friends, and want them around for a good long time to come. Take care, everyone.