Friday, 13 November 2009

Horray! Hooray! It's Moving Day!

Tomorrow is finally Moving Day. Yes, it deserves capital letters, just like Christmas Day or Easter Day. It may never become a stat holiday, but for me, my sister, and her family, it should be! The new condo needed a lot of work, and we have taken off baseboard, ripped out carpet and underlay, painted nearly every surface that could possibly be painted, vacuumed and shampooed the carpets, installed the new over-the-stove microwave (man! those things weigh a ton!), and spent many sleepless nights worrying that mom will fret about leaving her home of 31 years to start a new one.

Yes, she has fretted, and cryed, and thought. She knows that moving from a house with stairs to a condo with none is a good move, but her home has 31 years of memories. That is hard to leave behind. There are all the skinned knees, bloody noses, and many, many bumps and bruises my brothers suffered as they were growing up. There is the "really pretty plant" growing at the back of the garden where the garage now stands that turned out to be marijuana. It disappeared one night just as mysteriously as it appeared, conincidentally the same night I identified it just as one of my brothers came within earshot. There are the 31 Christmases, Easters and Thanksgivings, and the very many birthday and anniversary celebrations. Then there are the tears shed when relationships broke up, loved ones passed away, and much cherished pets took their last breaths.

So much to remember. I guess all I can do is sit with her tonight, hold her hand, and remember with her. We can talk, and laugh, and cry together as mom says goodbye to this home and embarks on a new adventure. After all, there is a nice older gentleman in the condo next door...

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