Thursday, 19 November 2009

Holy Cow! Five Weeks Til Christmas!

Where has the year gone? It is November 19 and Christmas Day will be here before we know it. Are you ready?? I'm not! There is baking to do (after al, Christmas without shortbread is just another day), gifts to buy and wrap, cards to write and mail out, the tree to put up and decorate...

Every year, I say "Next year, I will be organized and start early so I am done by December 1" and every year I am no where even close! The cookies do get made, usually the weekend before Christmas so they don't have time to mature and get that wonderful buttery taste. The shopping gets done the same weekend and the cards get hand delivered to those close by. The rest are mailed and if they arrive before Christmas, bonus!!

Then there is the Christmas tree. Last December the grandkids both moved out to go live with their mom, so we didn't get a big tree as we have always had. Instead, my husband opted for a 2' tall, pre-decorated, plastic and wire concoction that goes from stored-in-the-basement to up-and-in-its-glory in 5 minutes flat! The presents hide the tree until later Christmas Day when they are all opened and taken out to various vehicles to be taken home after supper. When it is time to take the tree down (Boxing Day if my husband had his way), it goes back in its box and downstairs to the basement for another year. I am really pushing for a real tree this year, even a short one. A nice 4' Balsam Fir.

Now I have reread this blog, I have made some plans. This weekend, I am baking my shortbread cookies come hell or high water! And while they are in the oven, I will write my cards and get them ready for mailing. Then I will start my Christmas list for shopping next weekend! I just MAY be ready by December 1 for a change! Wish me luck!

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  1. Hey there Lizbeth! Thanks for stopping by. Surely it cannot be 5 weeks until Christmas. Doesn't seem possible. I normally don't do my shopping until Christmas Eve. :-) I don't have any little ones so we don't have to buy much for Christmas.

    I'm off to read your other post. Hugs