Monday, 30 November 2009

Where'd the Sun Go?

I am looking out the little slit of window I can see from my desk and can't help thinking how gloomy it looks outside. The sky is grey and heavy, and all I can think of is that I would really rather be on a warm beach somewhere. The Carribbean for example. Aruba, Jamaica, Cuba, Cozumel - any or all of these would suit me fine! Just do some hopping from resort to resort for the next several months until it warms up here again. As long as someone else pays for it, I am SO there!! Anyone out there who would take on the payments? Anyone??

There are days when I think a sugar daddy would be a great idea. Some good looking, generous, intelligent, happy, compasionate man who can hold a good conversation without telling me what I have been doing wrong and how I can correct it. Passionate would be good too, but totally optional. I don't necesarrily want someone who wants to make out all the time. Just someone who wants to spend his money on me. Is that REALLY too much to ask? I don't think so. I am married, after all, so hanky panky is just not part of the equation right now.

Christmas on a tropical island would be wonderful. Palm trees instead of fir trees, sand instead of snow, fish instead of turkey. I am so there!!! Yes, I do enjoy turkey and all the trimmings but if I had to give it up for the sun and surf, I would gladly do it! I can decorate a small palm tree and make it just as pretty as a Balsam Fir. Sand is much nicer to dig your toes into and lie on than snow, which tends to give frost bite when bare body parts stay in it too long.

So give me an island in the tropics and I will be very happy. I just need someone else's bank account to pay for it. Let me know if you fnd someone willing to help me out...

Thursday, 19 November 2009

Holy Cow! Five Weeks Til Christmas!

Where has the year gone? It is November 19 and Christmas Day will be here before we know it. Are you ready?? I'm not! There is baking to do (after al, Christmas without shortbread is just another day), gifts to buy and wrap, cards to write and mail out, the tree to put up and decorate...

Every year, I say "Next year, I will be organized and start early so I am done by December 1" and every year I am no where even close! The cookies do get made, usually the weekend before Christmas so they don't have time to mature and get that wonderful buttery taste. The shopping gets done the same weekend and the cards get hand delivered to those close by. The rest are mailed and if they arrive before Christmas, bonus!!

Then there is the Christmas tree. Last December the grandkids both moved out to go live with their mom, so we didn't get a big tree as we have always had. Instead, my husband opted for a 2' tall, pre-decorated, plastic and wire concoction that goes from stored-in-the-basement to up-and-in-its-glory in 5 minutes flat! The presents hide the tree until later Christmas Day when they are all opened and taken out to various vehicles to be taken home after supper. When it is time to take the tree down (Boxing Day if my husband had his way), it goes back in its box and downstairs to the basement for another year. I am really pushing for a real tree this year, even a short one. A nice 4' Balsam Fir.

Now I have reread this blog, I have made some plans. This weekend, I am baking my shortbread cookies come hell or high water! And while they are in the oven, I will write my cards and get them ready for mailing. Then I will start my Christmas list for shopping next weekend! I just MAY be ready by December 1 for a change! Wish me luck!

Friday, 13 November 2009

Horray! Hooray! It's Moving Day!

Tomorrow is finally Moving Day. Yes, it deserves capital letters, just like Christmas Day or Easter Day. It may never become a stat holiday, but for me, my sister, and her family, it should be! The new condo needed a lot of work, and we have taken off baseboard, ripped out carpet and underlay, painted nearly every surface that could possibly be painted, vacuumed and shampooed the carpets, installed the new over-the-stove microwave (man! those things weigh a ton!), and spent many sleepless nights worrying that mom will fret about leaving her home of 31 years to start a new one.

Yes, she has fretted, and cryed, and thought. She knows that moving from a house with stairs to a condo with none is a good move, but her home has 31 years of memories. That is hard to leave behind. There are all the skinned knees, bloody noses, and many, many bumps and bruises my brothers suffered as they were growing up. There is the "really pretty plant" growing at the back of the garden where the garage now stands that turned out to be marijuana. It disappeared one night just as mysteriously as it appeared, conincidentally the same night I identified it just as one of my brothers came within earshot. There are the 31 Christmases, Easters and Thanksgivings, and the very many birthday and anniversary celebrations. Then there are the tears shed when relationships broke up, loved ones passed away, and much cherished pets took their last breaths.

So much to remember. I guess all I can do is sit with her tonight, hold her hand, and remember with her. We can talk, and laugh, and cry together as mom says goodbye to this home and embarks on a new adventure. After all, there is a nice older gentleman in the condo next door...

Monday, 9 November 2009

If I Never See a Paint Brush Again...

One more week and mom will be moved into her condo. The kitchen has been gutted and the appliances disposed of, any holes in the walls have been patched, the hall, kitchen and pantry lino and the carpet in the two smaller bedrooms has been replaced.

This is a nice condo, with no stairs so mom doesn't have to do to the basement to do laundry anymore. It has a small yard for Ebony, mom's 7 year old black lab who still thinks she is a pup, to lope around in, and a nice covered area where we can sit in the summer and enjoy a cup of tea under an immense spruce tree.

When we first saw the place, the first thought was "Oh my God!". Being the good family that we are, we all said that we could handle the renos that neede to be done. The kitchen was awful - dark cabinets, old appliances, torn lino - and two of the bedrooms looked as though they had been used purely for storage, although one of them did have an individual sleeping on a sheet on the floor. We wanted to measure the rooms so we could order carpet, but when we saw "the sleeper", we decided it could wait. Within ten minutes of mom having the key to the place, my b-i-l had the cupboards off the wall in the kitchen and in a broken heap in the middle of the floor. And what "presents" did we find under them? Oh, you really don't want to know. Let's just say a very large family of mice had been resident for some time. EEEWWW!!!

There must have been a run on awful colored paint at one time because the three bedrooms were painted a shade that falls somewhere between baby-poop and khaki with dark pea green trim. The living room, halls, two bedrooms and kitchen are now painted something called Taupe Mist - very nice taupe with a hint of pink to make it very warm, and the master is painted Brook Trout - a very pale pink. The new carpet and lino are installed and the cupboards have been delivered. Appliances come this week and then the carpets will be cleaned.

Saturday is the Big Day - mom moves in. Yay!! Stay tuned for the ups and downs of moving day...